Antlers + Flowers

It truly moves me to be able to work with natural materials, sort of no wonder that I'm working in floral design, but it's not everyday I get to work with bone. More specifically antlers. This New Year's Eve weekend, I had a wintry wedding at Valley View Farm in Haydenville, Mass. My beautiful and sweet bride was from the area but her husband-to-be hailed from Wyoming. To bring a little bit of home to the East Coast, they flew in antler sheds. A rustic and wild touch that was the perfect accompaniment to pretty, plush petals!

head table flowers (1 of 1).jpg
antlers on table (1 of 1).jpg

I hadn't worked with antlers, and elk none the less (huge!), before so it was a really fun experiment for me to think about placement and design. I loved the contrast of raw materials-- animal and plant-- and the composition that these large, unique shapes brought to the centerpieces. To be cost efficient, we decided on eucalyptus garland sectionals instead of table length. More "centerpiece" than "runner". I trimmed, water-tubed, and wired sections of flowers to create a romantic softness, that I then laid through the antlers at the center of the table. The silvery glow of mercury glass candles set the mood in the early, winter dusk.

table flowers antlers (1 of 1).jpg
antler texture (1 of 1).jpg